Top 5 Sector international stocks to buy 2022

Top 5 Sector international stocks to buy 2022

Top 5 Sector international stocks to buy 2022

Friends, in today's blog I have come to tell about 9 such stocks of 5 sectors which can give very good returns on your investment.

E-commerce Sector Stocks

Friends, today's first sector is e-commerce, yes friends, although this sector is already in motion, due to the Covid-19 epidemic, this sector has gained a lot of momentum and there is a big boost in this sector. Amazon's hand

Friends, Amazon is a dominant player in the USA, last year they sold gross merchandise of $ 16 billion. Apart from this, Amazon Web Services that they have is also giving very good profits.

A friend is another share of this sector is Shopify. Friends, Shopify has set up a big online business of Undertaker to a very small business, on which they are trying to give one business solution.

Digital Marketing Sector

Apart from e-commerce, there is another sector in which a lot of fight is going on, which is digital marketing.

Apple has also come into this sector but the dominant player in this sector is Facebook i.e. Meta.

Friends, you know that any post you enter or search for anything, you see ads related to it, whether you look on Facebook, whether you are on Instagram.

You know that Facebook is a beaten stock, but now there may be a chance for you. But now Apple has also entered this field, so now you can get to see strong competition and as you know, how many mobiles of your Apple are visible around you, no matter how much Apple charges its people. So Apple can be the best stock on Facebook.

Cloud Computing Sector Stock

Apart from this, there is another sector that is growing very fast is Cloud Computing, and at this time Google and Amazon have tremendous cloud infrastructure, so both these companies are leading in the market.

If we talk about an enterprise share, then can also be a great option in this.


Friends, at this time another sector that is performing well, is the OTT Platform sector where many people are now subscribing to the OTT platform by turning off the TV with the traditional satellite signal.

In which the name of a very premium and market-leading company is Netflix, which has come down a lot at present because its subscribers are gradually decreasing but it is still the market leader and this company has come up with new ways to earn money. is inventing.

So another company in this sector is growing very fast, that is Disney, yes friends, if you leave the time of Covid19, since then this company is growing very fast through its OTT platform.

Virtual Reality Sector Stocks

Friends finally come to the Virtual Reality sector. In this sector, you will feel that Meta is the only company, no other than this other stock is Microsoft.

Friends, this application is growing very well and recently they have sold 5000 headsets to the US Army, you can understand how fast Microsoft is growing.

Friends, how did you like today's blog, tell me by commenting.

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