TRIDENT Share Analysis today | Inside the Trident

TRIDENT Share Analysis today in Hindi | Inside the Trident

Trident business model

Trident Company operates in four business categories

1) Yarn Buisness

2) Home Textile - Bath Linen Bed Linen Business

3) Wheat Straw - Based Paper Business

4) Chemical and Captive Power Buisness

The development we are going to talk about now is Home Textile Buisness and Yarn Buisness.

In this blog we will focus on the textile buisness of Trident.

Trident Home Textile Business Process

Trident company buys cotton and converts it into yarn in its own company, some of it exports yarn outside, some sells it to domestic companies but the thing to understand is that yarn is a low margin buisness because it is in the supply chain. But most of the yarn that Trident produces is used in Trident's in house buisness where Trident manufactures home linen and bed linen in the home textile business. They also get more margin in the business of home linen and bed linen.

Trident also has two segments in the home textile business.

Trident Home Textile Business Segment

1) Bulk Home Textile - In this segment, Trident supplies home linen and bed linen to some companies in bulk, after that those companies paste their brand on it and sell it in the market.

2) Branded Home Textile - In this segment the company sells home textile products within its own brand.

That's why the margin is more in Branded Home Textile than in Bulk Home Textile of Trident Company.

Trident Company Buisness Revenue 26% comes from Yarn Buisness and 54% comes from Home Textile Business.

Along with this, 56% of Trident's market revenue comes mostly from exports and only 44% comes from domestic market.

Trident Company Home Textile Business Advantage - The company also has an advantage in Home Textile Business because most of its Raw Material is Backward Integrated, it produces most of the Raw Material itself. In Home Textile Business, the company's production cost is low and therefore the company dominates the export market by giving more discount in exports. Trident Company gets its market advantage.

Trident Company is not a small player in home textiles buisness, this company is the largest manufacturer of Terry Towels in the world and the 2nd largest manufacturer in India in the home textile business.

This means that most of the home textiles exported from India belong to Trident Company. This means that if there is some change in the export market, it will have the biggest impact on this company as well.

Trident Company Big News

On 23rd December, US President Joe Biden signed a Law Legislation, this law bans all imports coming from Xinjiang of China, behind this the US has given the reason that China was forcibly working in the Xinjiang region of China from the Turkish Muslim Community. Getting it done

Ban on Xinjiang region has affected two businesses

1) Cotton Product Buisness

2) Solar Panel Material

In China, 84% of the cotton is produced in the Xinjiang region, after the ban on it by the US, now whatever home textiles are manufactured all over China will be automatically banned because the cotton Xinjiang region has also been used in that.

This is a huge opportunity for a country like India because India's cotton sheet export to a country like US had a share of 59% as of 2021

Worldwide there will be 25% market opportunity after the ban on Xinjiang region of China and India will not want to lose this opportunity.

There is biggest opportunity for Trident Company as one of the leading manufacturer and exporter in Home Textile.

Now with the increase in demand, Trident is soon going to invest in increasing its production. You will see all this development in the coming one to two years.

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