Stock Market Strategy - Trading Strategies for beginners in 2022

Stock Market Strategy - Trading Strategies for beginners in 2022

In today's blog, we are going to talk about such a strategy by which you can invest safely in good stocks and get higher returns than Fixed Deposits, Mutual Funds, Gold, Bonds and Real Estate.

We know that no investment in equity is 100% safe, even some private banks do not guarantee 100% of your money, but if you invest with our strategy, then you can get good returns in a 99% safe way.

Strategy 1: Set a time limit

You have to set a time limit to invest your money, according to experts, if an investor wants to invest his money for a long period, then invest for at least 5 years.

So you invest your money for at least 5 years.

Second Strategy - Lime Portfolio of Stocks with Regular Returns

This means that you have to keep such stocks in your portfolio which keep giving the same returns year after year.

Why choose stocks with regular returns?

Because whether the market goes up or down, it is absolutely determined on the trend of the market, but if a stock which is giving the same return continuously for 10-15 years, then such shares keep you safe even if the market falls.

Quality of stocks giving similar returns year after year

The fundamentals of such a company will be of very high quality such as balance sheet, profit growth, revenue etc.

The company can have a monopoly in the market or can be the market leader according to the sector.

The brand of the company can be very popular.

Simple Business Process = Process of such companies is completely set and any management team of the company can run the company.

An easy way to choose the best company

To find any good company, one has to do its fundamental analysis, but it takes a lot of time, so if you want to see a good company in less time, then see the 10 year chart of the company.

As the chart given below is of xyz company, in this you can see that the company is showing continuous uptrend, so you can invest in such shares.

If you get the chart of any company out of the two charts given below, then do not invest money in it.

best companies to invest in 2022

Asian Paints

Pidilite Industries Ltd.

Hindustan Unilever Ltd.


Kotak Bank

Berger Paints



Bajaj Finserve




Third Strategy - Invest a little money

Experts say that never put all your money in the market at once because many times it happens that the market is at its peak position at the time of your investment and when the market falls then there is an opportunity to buy at that time you do not have money. Would .

When to invest a little money?

When the market falls, its effect is less on the safe stocks, it can fall at most 3 to 5%.

When you see that the stock is down by 3 to 5%, then you put your entire money in one installment.

Strategy Fourth - Determine Your Investment Expected Returns

The strategy we have told so far is a safe strategy and the risk is also less in it, so the returns are also available in the same way but this return is more than the returns of any fixed deposit, mutual fund, gold, bond.

If you invest more than 5 years then you can get 15 to 40% returns from this strategy.

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