Mold-Tek Packaging Share - Multibagger stock for Next 10 Years in India | best stocks below 100 in india 2022

Mold-Tek Packaging Share - Multibagger stock for Next 10 Years in India | best stocks below 100 in india 2022

Friends, after reading this entire article, you will know why Mold-Tek Packaging is a multibagger stock.

In this article, we have told what is the business model of Mold-Tek Packaging and what is their innovation as well as what is the future plan of the company along with the fundamentals of the company.

Mold-Tek Packaging Buisness Model

This company was started in 1995 by Lakshmana Rao and Subrahmanyam ji.

Both the founders of the company were educated from the top IIM colleges of India, due to which they had a good knowledge of the technical points of the market.

Company Mainly Leading Supplier of Injection Molded Packaging Solutions Used in Paints, Lubricants, Health Care and FMCG Companies

Plastic molds are made by machines in Injection Molded Packaging Companies

Mold-Tek Packaging Client's

Talking about the clients of the company, you can see in the photo below that the company's link is with big companies, whether it is Berger Paints, Nerolac of Paint Sector or ITC, HUL of FMCG.

Mold-Tek Packaging Moat Analysis

1 ) Innovation Moat

The company is one of the few companies in the world that have the power to change the entire industry.

It is very difficult to change the industry, as earlier, tin containers were used in the paint sector, in which paints were stored and sold, but the company explained to all paints companies that paints were sold in plastic containers instead of tin containers. can go

Friends, this was the biggest success of this company that it was a great success to convert the paints being sold in tin containers for centuries into their products.

The way the company established its business by innovation in the paints sector, in the same way the company proved itself in the lubrication industry as well.

Now the company is preparing for a lot of innovation in the food and fmcg sector.

2) Technology Moat

This company had brought inmold labeling technology in the country for the first time, in this technology the labels of the container are not pasted separately, they are molded along with the container.

Benefit from inmold labeling technology

1) It increases the durability of the product

2) Earlier the container was labeled separately, which was pasted separately, but with inmold labeling technology, the product Hygine becomes better, as well as from the point of view of advertising, until the container is not destroyed, its label remains on it. Due to which the brand becomes stronger in the market.

3) Company Technocrat Promoters

The background of the promoters of Mold Tech Packaging Company is from the technical field, especially the other promoters of the company, whose name is A Subramanyam, he is a civil engineer by profession but he has also done robotics course so that he can do robot and manufacturing activity in the company himself. Only control.

The work of Robots in the company comes in the Backwards Integration of the company.

Mold Tech Packaging Company has its own molds, own robots, own labels, due to which they themselves do not have to import a lot of goods, due to this the company is able to make mold containers at cheap rates.

4) Strong Clients Trust

Mold Tech Packaging Company has partnered with big industry giants for the last 30 years on the basis of their quality and reliability and made them their clients as well as created their clients trust, due to which their clinets give them more and more business. Huh .

The company has cleverly set up most of its plants near the location of its big clients, due to this the company fulfills its on demand orders at the earliest, so their clients have more trust in this company.

Mold Tech Packaging Fundamentals

The company's growth is also revealed in the company's Fundamentals report, the company's ROCE is 22% while the company's competitor Htech company has 11%.

The 10 year CAGR report of the company is 14% and the ROCE of the company is around 21% for the last 10 consecutive years

The margin of the company is also the best in the sector i.e. 37%.

Mold Tech Packaging Future Plans

The company will further expand itself with 3 new plants in 2022.

The company would like to further digitize the bar code located on its label, which can be scanned to reveal the details of the product from packing to the distributor.

Along with the FMCG sector, the company soon wants to dominate the healthcare, personal sectors as well.

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