Why investors have confidence in HFCL stock || HFCL Share Price Analysis

Why investors have confidence in HFCL stock || HFCL Share Price Analysis

In today's article we are going to talk about HFCL LTD. Let's analyze and know why today's investors are trending towards this stock.

About HFCL's business

HFCL Ltd. The company is a Diverse telecom infrastructure enabler company. The company mainly works on telecom infrastructure development. Apart from this, the company is also a supplier of telecom equipment along with system integration and manufacturer.

HFCL Ltd. Implementation -

The company has worked on several green field projects with GSM & CDMA network, wireless spectrum management with satellite communication and DWDM optical transmission network as well as 25000 2G/3G sites and 100,000 km of OFC network. Did the job of laying too.

This means that it is the leading company in developing telecom infrastructure in India.

HFCL Ltd. business vertical module

The company works in two business verticals, one is product and the other is solution.

1) Optical Fiber Cables - This company manufactures high power optical fiber cables, exports these cables to more than 27 countries and is working on rapidly developing its business in this category. Also would like to tell you that HFCL ltd. The largest manufacturer of Optical Fibers Cables in India. This company makes cables of different categories such as

* Ariel Cables

* Armored Cables

* FTTX Cables

* Micro Cables

* Unarmoured Cables

HFCL Ltd. According to the different demands of the clients, we also do customization in Optical Fiber Cables, so that HFCL Ltd. Has a strong client based business.

2) Electronics - In this vertical the company also provides Solar power solution along with Telecom Power and Battery managment.

3) Telecom Equipment - You know that the demand for high speed network connectivity has increased with the advent of 4G and 5G in India, for which there is a need to expand the already created backhall networks so that they can transfer high speed data to their backhall network. be able to control. HFCL Ltd. To solve this, Canada's company has partnered with Dragon Wave, whose name is Dragon Wave Hfcl india ltd. , It works on the maintenance and expansion of the back hall network.

4) GPON System - GPON System does the work of controlling the FTTH network anywhere at home or office, these GPON systems are called HFCL Ltd. Manufactures.

HFCL india ltd. The second business vertical of

1) Telecom Networks - HFCL Ltd. Provides Solution to Telecom Networks which are FTTX Solution Apart from this the company also provides inbuilding OFC Network Solution such as providing Optical Fiber Cables network inside Tunnel and Metro Station.

2) Railway Telecom Network - For some time now HFCL Ltd. Railway is working on providing Telecom Network Solution for which it is providing solution with the help of LAN and WAN Network.

3) Safe and Smart Cities - This company is also working on Safe and Smart Cities where it provides master integrated system which is very important for smart city.

HFCL Ltd. To complete its product and solution vertical business, it has divided some companies which are its Subsidiary Company.

HFCL Subsidiaries

◆ HTL Limited

◆ Polixel Security System Pvt Ltd

◆ Dragon wave HFCL india private ltd.

◆ Reddef Pvt. ltd.

◆ Moneta Finance Pvt. ltd.

◆HFCL advance pvt. Ltd.

all these subsidiary companies, HFCL completes all its services and maintenance work.



HFCL Debt and Cash Reserve

HFCL Ltd. Reasons behind the stock's investor sentiment

Relation with Reliance Jio -

HFCL has a strong relationship with Reliance Jio because whatever work of Jio in North India, whether it is network planning, design and implementation, it is HFCL that is why investors are attracted to this stock.

Reliance Jio has very strong growth potential

And HFCL is a huge resource for Reliance Jio. Reliance Jio had 34% revenue in 2020.

Reliance Jio sees HFCL as its strategic partner in the future, so Reliance has taken its stake by investing in HFCL.

It is often seen that if a company helps in the buisness growth of Reliance, then Reliance keeps its investment in it and keeps increasing these investments keeping in view the time and demand.

Reliance feels that HFCL can help Reliance more in the future 5G implementation, so Reliance has recently invested 138 crores in HFCL's 600 crore QIP


Another reason why investors are inclined towards HFCL is that the company has orders worth 6400 crores for the future, so that the investor can get an idea that the company's revenue will increase rapidly in the coming future.

For today, in this share, tell us how you liked this article by commenting and comment to know about other such shares.

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