HarperCollins has rights to publish Ratan N Tata biography

The publishing company HarperCollins has obtained the rights to publish a memorandum of understanding for retired Tata Sons president Ratan N Tata, the publishing company said on January 7.

 The book, entitled ‘Ratan N Tata The Authorized Memoir’, was written by Dr. Thomas Mathew and will be published in an encyclopedia by HarperCollins in all formats in November 2022.

Udayan Mitra in HarperCollins India acquired land rights in all languages ​​in Anish Chandy's Labyrinth Literary Agency.


 Ratan Tata's invitation will be published by HarperCollins India in English and major Indian languages, HarperCollins Leadership in the United States and William Collins in the United Kingdom.

In memory of one of India's most famous industrialists, a social worker will cover previously unknown details and thrilling stories of his uplifting times, his time in America as a student, his return to India and his first time with Tata Group.


 The book will also contain stories about the inspiring and compelling evidence of Ratan Tata's business strategies, leadership vision, and particular integrity, all of which contributed to the formation of the Group.

 That clip, the memoir will contain input from a variety of voters such as former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

 According to the press, a memoir written by retired IAS official Dr Thomas Mathew, who had met Ratan Tata at work about 30 years ago, and began working on the book in 2018, "the end of a full, clear and authoritative account. Dad, his struggles and his important benefits to India at that time ”.

 HarperCollins described the memory of Ratan Tata as “the story of an independent man, a great industrialist and a remarkable leader who firmly believes, above all, in the values ​​he inherited, who spent his life working for other people and young people. a nation. ”

It will also discuss how Ratan Tata transformed Tata's empire into a world power, daring to find Tetley Tea, Jaguar Land Rover, and Corus Steel, among other things.


 In the short term, the group has a request to make more than $ 250 billion to hire people.

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