CCI ordered an investigation into Google

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) on January 7 ordered a re-investigation of the Google giant over allegations of abuse of top media coverage.

CCI has ordered an investigation into Google based on a complaint lodged by the Digital News Publishers Association (DNPA) alleging abuse of power in the media.

“Google is using its strength to defend its position in the news media market. Media publishers rely on Google for more traffic, which makes it an ‘important trading partner,’ ’says CCI.

DNPA alleges that Google "independently determines the amount to be paid to news publishers" and similar terms.

The organization went on to say that Google does not share revenue earnings through advertising on news websites and only shares a small portion of advertising revenue anonymously.

Based on allegations made by Google by DNPA, the anti-trust agency found that the international technology company imposed unfair conditions on media publishers for not sharing advertising revenue data, which violates Section 4 (2) (a)) of the Act.

Therefore, they appear to have no choice but to accept Google's terms and conditions.

"The inequality and denial of fair share of advertising revenue should be investigated further," the Competition Commission said, adding that Google would have ample opportunity to present its case during the investigation.

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